A more detailed look at our Wallets solution (coming Q4)


Remove the complexity of Web3 for your users. Our custodial wallet API allows users to log in with their preferred auth methods without having to manage their private keys. The 3mint Wallet SDK offers three options for asset custody: fully custodial, semi-custodial, and self-custodial. All options are integrable in 5 minutes or less, and can work with existing Web2 systems.

Custodial Wallet

3mint generates wallets for each user based on existing accounts in the company’s account management system (ecommerce, CRM, etc.). Private key management is entirely handled by 3mint, and wallet recovery is possible.

Semi-custodial Wallet

Users generate wallets based on their preferred method of passwordless authentication, including email-based, social login, and other OAuth methods. With this API, the user maintains control and ownership of their cryptographic key pair, and while the authentication flow removes all visible Web3 complexity, recovery relies on the user’s chosen OAuth provider.

Self-custodial Wallet

3mint always provides the option for users to use their own self-custodial wallet of choice, such as MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet.

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