A self-serve platform to manage all your Web3 campaigns


The 3mint platform allows marketing teams to create digital assets (collections and tokens), upload their digital content and metadata, create distribution links that can be shared with their customers, and monitor their campaign success with on and off chain analytics.

Who can use this platform?

Companies of every shape and size can use our product! Broadly, we see three different types of customers: 1) DTC brands focusing on their core product and trying to improve their customer's experience, 2) large multi-brand companies that need a loyalty program that spans across several of their products, and 3) marketing agencies that need to manage their clients' customer retention and acquisition strategies.

If you think you fall within those three categories, you've come to the right place!

What will you find in this section?

Each section gives a detailed explanation to working with the platform and ensuring you have your web3 campaign covered end-to-end. If you would like a more technical breakdown of each feature, we have provided more information in the Developer Guides section of the docs.

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