How To

A step by step guide for using the Mint API

The Mint API facilitates the minting and transferring of web3 assets to users, without you or your users having to worry about transaction management or gas payments, which are entirely managed by the API service.

The Mint API is not intended to be used for merkle mints, where users pay to claim the NFTs. If you require this functionality, please contact us at

There are two types of assets that can be minted using the API:

  • Tokens (ERC-20, etc.)

  • NFTs (ERC-721, ERC-721A, ERC-1155, etc.)

Today, 3mint supports Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism. Solana will soon be added.

Minting Tokens

The setup procedure is extremely simple:

  1. Deploy an ERC20 contract through the 3mint dashboard

  2. Integrate the API endpoint into your codebase

Minting NFTs

For minting NFTs, the setup procedure takes the following steps:

  1. Deploy your contract on the 3mint dashboard

  2. Upload relevant media files and metadata attributes to the 3mint dashboard

  3. Integrate the API endpoint into your codebase

The NFT contract is what will allow your NFTs to be minted (i.e., created for your users to hold in their wallet). At its core, a contract is a simple table that has the user’s wallet address in the left column and the NFT the user owns in the right column. Of course, there is much more functionality that can be added, which is why we either let you choose a standard, audited default contract that 3mint provides or you can bring your own, with all the features you can think of.

When 3mint's address is added as a Minter to the contract address, the mint API will send the NFT directly to the intended user's wallet. This is more efficient than minting it to a 3mint wallet and then sending it to the user.

Uploading your media and metadata is what will allow your NFTs to display digital content and have unique attributes to describe them. The content itself can be an image, an audio recording, or even a video. To ensure your NFTs truly live forever, the content and associated metadata will need to be uploaded to IPFS or Arweave, both peer-to-peer networking protocols that distribute your data across thousands of nodes. This process can be quite technical, but with the help of the 3mint dashboard, all you need to do is upload your digital file and let us know what metadata attributes you want to include; we take it from there!

Integrating the API endpoint takes 30 seconds. Once you have your API key (provided on the 3mint dashboard), all you need to do is choose which NFT to send, who should receive it, and fire away! Every time the endpoint is called, a new NFT will be minted using the digital content and metadata you uploaded in step 2. If you uploaded 1000 images and have already minted 200, the next image chosen will be the 201st.

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