Deploy a contract

One-click deploy on the chain of your choosing

If you would like an explainer on what a contract is, make sure to visit our Web3 101 page!

Deploying on 3mint

To deploy a contract, go to the Contracts page and click the "Create contract" button (1). From there, you need to choose the type of contract you want to deploy (2) and input details regarding the contract you are deploying (3).

1. Go to the Contracts page

2. Choose the Contract type

3. Input Collection Data

Contracts can currently be deployed on:

  • Polygon Mainnet and Mumbai

  • Arbitrum Mainnet and Goerli

  • Optimism Mainnet and Goerli


Once everything you've chosen looks good, press "Deploy" at the bottom of the screen and the contract will be deployed to your blockchain and network of choice. No wallet, crypto, or private key needed! After a few seconds, you'll be redirected back to the main page and you should see your contract included in the table.

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