Upload your NFT data

Upload your entire collection in minutes

Before anything can be minted, there needs to be digital content (image, video, audio, etc.) and metadata available for each potential NFT. If you were to try minting an NFT with a contract you just deployed, but without providing any content beforehand, you would basically be giving someone nothing!

This is crucial to understand: when uploading your NFT data, you are not actually minting anything on the blockchain, but just preparing the data necessary to mint it. The term "minting" refers to the idea of deploying an NFT to a blockchain so that it lives forever.

1. Go to the Contracts Info page

Click on the "NFT Data" button on the right-hand side of the contract row.

From there, you'll be taken to a page that shows you all the NFT data you have prepared (you won't see anything if this is the first time you upload).

2. Upload your data

Option 1: Single Upload

Click on "Single Upload" and fill in your NFT details, starting with the name, media, and description.

Once the NFT name, media, and description is added, add optional metadata attributes, the NFT's price and whether or not there is a max quantity that can be minted (this is only applicable to ERC1155 contracts). If you want to provide these NFTs for free, simple choose the "Free" option under the price section.

Option 2: Batch Upload

If you want to upload more than one piece of data at a time, you can batch upload instead. For CSV uploads, we recommend you download the example CSV we provide and fill in your NFT details there.

Once you press "Upload", you'll see a loading screen appear that will let you know how the upload is progressing.


Once the data is uploaded, you will see the NFT data appear in the table and you can begin minting NFTs through distribution links.

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