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Build your next generation loyalty program with digital assets


3mint is a SaaS platform and API toolkit that allows any entity to build a next generation loyalty program. With our self-serve platform and our simple code snippets, you have the complete stack to easily deploy your digital assets, distribute your collectibles to new and current users, and provide benefits to your holders.

Building a Web3 loyalty experience typically requires running blockchain infrastructure such as nodes and client software, building and maintaining smart contracts, creating and deploying metadata, handling cryptocurrency and valuable wallets, triggering and tracking transactions, managing royalties, and then building interfaces that enable users to connect a wallet and leverage the underlying technology (😮‍💨 phew, that was a long sentence). All of this has to be done before your end-user can even start seeing the benefits!

Our goal at 3mint is to abstract away the complexity and friction surrounding the Web3 stack so you can focus on acquiring new users and creating a loyal customer base. If you want to see the benefits of creating web3-based loyalty programs, be sure to check out our blog!

We want to make sure we're building the right features for you. If you have any requests for existing or upcoming features, reach out to support@3mint.io or fill out this form (takes 10 seconds)!

Who can use this service?

The 3mint product is built for both marketers and developers. If you would like to dive deeper into each section, click on the blue titles below.

For Marketers

Manage all your contracts, NFTs, and distribution links from one platform without ever having to manage your own cryptocurrency or smart contracts. Integrate directly into your existing marketing and CRM providers to ensure you're using the tools you know best.

For Developers

End-to-end examples can be found in each corresponding guide. If you're looking to immediately send your first request, we recommend you dive into those.

Deploy token or collectible contracts to an EVM chain or Solana in seconds. Update both contract and NFT metadata to provide gamified experiences to your customers.

Mint collectibles and tokens directly into user wallets to reward their loyalty. Batch transactions and manage gas automatically, without ever having to worry about blockchain congestion.

Remove the complexity of Web3 for your users. Our custodial wallet API allows users to log in with their preferred auth methods without having to manage their private keys.

Token-gate anything, from a static webpage, to access to perks and events, to accounts and virtual experiences. Fully multi-chain, highly flexible requirements, and super fast.

Want to deep dive?

Dive a little deeper and check out comprehensive examples and understand how it all works:

Need the full specs?

Start exploring our API reference to get an idea of everything that's possible with the API:

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